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Good News Story – Diabetic Patient


A middle aged Bengali man with Diabetes who wanted to change but didn’t know how and only spoke Bangla, found it difficult to access mainstream services and materials. We referred him to our local ‘Glodwick Cluster Diabetes Programme’


The patient attended the course wanting to gain better control of his diabetes which he has had for many years. Each time he came for his annual review, he was reminded about his rising HbA1c yet he felt he had made all the changes he could.


His BMI was 25 and HbA1c was 84. He had stopped eating sweet things and stopped sugar in hot drinks. He couldn’t believe it when he was told that the rice he was filling up on was causing the ever rising HbA1c. He had also forgotten how good exercising felt and started walking again regularly for health and to clear his mind – keeping a record of his steps using the pedometer.


After completing the course, he had changed so much of his diet and lifestyle and was a really positive person, with a noticeable difference in his outlook. He enthusiastically joined the gym programme and went almost daily. When our Practice Nurse saw him again for his Diabetes review, his BMI was 23 and HbA1c was 56, which is a great improvement for him.


The patient will be invited onto the 12 month review course to keep encouraging him to stay healthy.